Hollywood’s Humble Maestro: The Russell Garcia Story

WAYFARER THEATERS PREMIER EVENT Join us for a red carpeted event screening of Hollywood’s Humble Maestro: The Russell Garcia Story SATURDAY JULY 27TH @ 7pm “Hollywood’s Humble Maestro” portrays the life and times of Russell Garcia - from the 1950s and 60s composing and orchestra arranging for dozens of TV shows and movies, as well as creating over 60 albums of music over his eight decades of music soring. In addition, he mentored genius composers such as John Williams, who went on to give us the iconic film scores in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, along with Quincy Jones, famed producer of several Michael Jackson albums. Plus, there is the little-known story behind how an Oscar honor, belonging to Garcia, instead went to another music arranger through a wild series of mishaps and odd circumstances more suitable for a Shakespearean tragedy. Who were really Charlie Chaplin’s musical collaborators for his 1952 film, Limelight? Why was there no correction by the Academy when Limelight won best dramatic score in 1972, following its delayed release? This documentary gives credit to the master and reveals the heart of the man behind the music, from building his iconic mid-century Hollywood home (featured in Lethal Weapon 2), to leaving it all behind to sail the world sharing his Baha’i faithPT1H45M2024-07-27Hollywood’s Humble Maestro: The Russell Garcia Story"Hollywood’s Humble Maestro: The Russell Garcia Story"


July 27, 7:00 pm

Wayfarer Theater Highland Park